The Stortjärnen target consist of gold mineralization in tectonic zones in a quartz diorite. Visible gold as well as gold together with arsenopyrite has been found in several drillholes. Sofar, 59 core drilled holes with a total length of 9373 meters, is drilled by different companies between years 1995-2008. The best section is 11 meters with 3.17 g/t gold in hole 96009. Gold in the area was found by till sampling of NSG (The State Mining Property Commission) who identified a belt with gold anomalies from Sorsele to the Bothnia Sea via Storuman and Lycksele and gave it the name “The Gold line”. Later on detailed work on many targets was made and on the Stortjärnen target (Knaften) Barrick Gold (1995-1996), North Atlantic Natural Resources (2001) and Lappland Goldminers (2003-2007) has drilled.